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Sara Gilman is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer. She has appeared on television, and spoken at conferences and Universities on many topics of mental health. She and the CAI Team, are able to speak to your group, on issues regarding trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, compassion fatigue, first responder stress, mental toughness for athletes and other performers, building resiliency, and many others. For more information on speaking engagement prices please read this article.


Your presentation exceeded our expectations ten-fold
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Sara G. Gilman, LMFT – Speaking Engagements 2013-2015

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“Reaching The Unseen First Responder With EMDR?”

Treating 911 Trauma in Emergency Telecommunicators

  • EMDR International Association Annual Conference, Austin, TX

“Let Your Heart Change Your Mind”

Psycho-Physiological Coherence: Its Application to Recovery from Trauma and Addictions

  • CRC Health Group / Sober Living By the Sea, Dana Point, CA

“Get To The Heart Of The Matter By Harnessing The Power Of The Zone!”

  • Community Alliance for Health Minds Annual Conference, Poway, CA

“EMDR & The First Responder”

Bringing hope & healing to those who suffer in silence with hidden symptoms

  • EMDR International Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA
  • Foundations Recovery Network, Freedom & Recovery Conference, Coronado, CA
  • Escondido Police Department, Escondido, CA
  • Carlsbad Police Department, Carlsbad, CA
    • San Diego County Law Enforcement Chaplain Association, Annual Conference, San Diego, CA
    • Women In Law Enforcement Leadership, Annual Conference, Irvine, CA
    • California Police Chiefs Association, Annual Conference, Monterey, CA

“Compassion – The Blessing & The Curse”

When is compassion too much of a good thing – Compassion Fatigue

  • Department of Justice, FBI Victims Specialists Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Foundations Recovery, Inc., San Diego, CA

“Getting In The Zone, It’s A Matter Of The Heart”

Utilizing Heart Rate Coherence for Peak Performance & Mental Toughness

  • Revolution Triathlon Team Training – Solana Beach, CA
  • Women’s Quest, Inc., Kona, HI
    • Master Lecture Series, California Southern University

“How Neuroscience Influences Current Sports Psychology”

  • Midwestern Medical School, Sports Medicine Club, Glendale, CA

“Harnessing The Zone For Peak Performance”

  • Premier Athletics Inc., Varsity Gym Owners Conference, Las Vegas, NV

“Identifying The Roadblocks To Peak Performance”

  • Premier Athletics Inc., Varsity Gym Owners Conference, Las Vegas, NV

“EMDR In The Treatment Of Trauma & Substance Abuse”

  • Veterans Mental Health Conference, Orange County, California
  • California Southern University, Master Lecture Series

“The Journey To Wholeness On The Road Less Traveled”

  • WAAT – Innovative Approaches To Addiction Treatment, Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA

“Treating Addiction From All Angles – A Whole-Person Approach”

  • Master Lecture Series, California Southern University, Irvine, CA