Price of Speaking Engagements: How Much Does it Cost For Coherence Associates to Speak at Your Event?

Part of our mission at Coherence Associates, Inc., is to be able to help people, other clinicians, and organizations, better understand all areas of mental health.  We not only provide excellent clinical services to clients, our clinicians are willing and able to speak and train others, on a number of topics.  Topics can include information regarding addictions, anxiety, how to build resilience and manage stress, compassion fatigue, PTSD, parenting issues, teen transitions, business team building, and sports peak performance.  We also offer business consulting for mental health and medical practices that are growing, or would like to grow, as well as peak performance management training offered by our CEO. Check out the speaking engagements page to see previous presentations.

Our prices of presentations vary on the length and size of the engagement.  Our rates are divided into a number of different categories.  The rate categories are:

Full Day – Based 4 + hours per day, plus a preparation and travel time and expenses.

Half Day – Based on less than 4 hours, including travel time and expenses.

90 Minute – Based on travel time and expenses.

60 Minute – Based on travel time and expenses.

When traveling is involved, generally travel expenses are covered if the travel is greater than 50 miles. For overnight or longer trips, lodging is provided as well. Though sometimes these can be negotiated.

Most clinicians have allotted some time on their schedule for pro bono engagements, but these are usually planned well in advance and are part of that clinician’s long term goals and training.

I hope this helped to answer some of your questions about asking our clinicians to speak. If you would like a list of topics please see our speaking engagements page for a list of topics that Sara has previously presented.

If you have any further questions, or would like to book a speaker for your next event.  Please call (760) 942-8663 or click on the contact us link on our website at

Jeremy Larsen
Business Development and Office Manager
Coherence Associates Inc.
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Price of Speaking Engagements: How Much Does it Cost For Coherence Associates to Speak at Your Event?

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