Happy New Year – 2016

As I sit here on New Years day reflecting on the past year, I am grateful! So many people have crossed the threshold at Coherence Associates Inc. and received hope and healing. As I said to a new client yesterday, “in this line of work, we are honored to meet amazing people, who happen to be experiencing very difficult life challenges.” Through our extensive training, experience, and heartfelt compassion, we guide people through these difficult times, and on to a more meaningful life.

Coherence Associates, Inc., has grown to 4 full time counselors, an addiction specialist, and support staff in the past few years. 2015 brought a new counselor, Connie Glenn to our team. Connie has experience working with young children, and a passion for treating the LGBT community and the unique challenges they face.

Our first intern, Reannon Kerwood, has reached her 2-year anniversary with CAI, and completed the Marriage & Family Therapist required 3000 hours of supervised clinical work. As she prepares for the California State Board examination, she continues to work diligently to provide caring and effective treatment to her clients.

Ed Thompson, CAI’s lead clinician, received his official EMDR Therapy Certification this past year, by completing additional hours of training and supervision. Ed also became a clinical supervisor and will bring his 20 years of experience to our interns.

Jeremy Larsen, CAI’s manager of business development, has implemented very important systems so we can all work more efficiently. He has also spent a lot of time in the community sharing the mission of our company and learning about other providers. Through Jeremy’s direction and leadership we are about to launch our new website and blog. Stay tuned!

I too have had a big year! Last February I experienced my own traumatic event when a car hit me while cycling. In a split second, I was launched off my bike into midair, and then slammed down on the concrete. As a lifetime athlete, I have taken many falls, however, I have never felt anything like the impact I experienced that day. This experience definitely taught me a lot! I am grateful to report I am fully recovered, and have learned a lot about recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Life’s significant events have a way a bringing new and deeper meaning to every day life. I am especially appreciative to the team at CAI for stepping up and fully stepping in, while I was medically forced to shut down my injured brain so it could rest and recover. Months later, once I was released to cycle again, I obtained my own EMDR Therapy to ensure an effective transition back to my passion of cycling. EMDR Therapy provided me profound healing, and I am happily cycling the roads again with my dear friends. From a sports psychology stand point, EMDR was a significant part of my healing from this injury and getting me back to one of the sports I love.


None of us know what the future holds. In the good times, we can rejoice and celebrate. In the difficult times, we can pull from our resilience and resources! We can also ask for counsel and specialized assistance to move us through to greater strength and resilience. This past year has given me yet another significant life event to challenge myself to go from ‘posttraumatic stress’ into ‘posttraumatic growth,’ stronger and happier than ever!

In 2016 we are as committed as ever to support and embrace those who come through our doors, bringing hope and healing to those suffering through life’s transitions. Our training and expertise enables us to assist people to grow to their best selves ever! May 2016 be your best year ever! Just call us if we you’d like us to help you get there! (760) 942-8663

Sara Gilman, LMFT
Founder & CEO, Coherence Associates, Inc.

Happy New Year – 2016

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