Counseling Services


Hope and Healing Through Life’s Transitions

Our counseling professionals are trained in evidence-based practices, providing the most efficient and effective methods for lasting change. Including EMDR Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, HeartMath, Critical Incident Stress Management, along with other therapies.  We address problems of anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, marital stress, trauma, PTSD, peak performance, and relationship challenges with couples, children, individuals and families. For service pricing information click here.


Mental Toughness Training for Athletes and all Performers

Enhancing performance through sports performance coaching is an experience unlike any other. At every level of athletics the physical game gives way to the mental game. Elite athletes have maximized their physical capabilities and they train in mental toughness to ensure that they have the mental and emotional edge over the competition. Proactive interventions following a sports injury, or during a slump, can bring a performer back stronger and happier.

AT CAI we can help performers learn how to effectively get into their “Zone” for optimal performance. We help get rid of the “YIPS” and get out of the “Slump” through cutting edge methods.  The results are improved focus, self-control, and confidence. Performers take control of their performance & regain their competitive edge. We utilize top treatment modalities in Sports Psychology including EMDR Therapy, Brainspotting, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, and heart rate variability training. For service pricing information click here.


Journey to Wholeness on the Road Less Traveled

Many people who are recovering from addiction discover they also have experienced traumatic experiences in their lives. The post-traumatic stress of these experiences can complicate the recovery process from substances. Understanding how trauma and addiction create a vicious cycle of distress can help break that cycle. Learning specific new skills can help manage recovery and create posttraumatic growth.

Journey to Wholeness” is an outpatient program for those who are recovering from both Substance Abuse & Trauma. This unique program combines evidence-based treatments to strengthen and enhance recovery. Individual and group format are available. For service pricing information click here.